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Most people already know what they should be doing to achieve personal health & fitness, but find it hard to stick to their fitness & nutrition regimes... If you are one of these people, just remember you're not on your own. Book a FREE consultation with me today.

My Services

  • Spinning Instructor
  • Circuit Training
  • Torso and Core Stability
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Fit to Box
  • Strength Training

My Qualifications

  • Personal Trainer Advanced Instructor
  • Level 3 Certificate in Exercise Referral
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Nutrition and Weight Management For Sport
  • Psychology and Motivation
  • First Aid Certificate

Personal Training With Geoff Wood

Keeping in shape is something we all worry about. With health problems on the rise, we need to be on top of our own personal levels of fitness. This means regular exercise and good diet. All this has to be handled with an expert view so you don’t get anything wrong or jeapordise your health while attempting to improve it. This is all well and good but what happens if you know nothing about gyms and training? It is a little intimidating entering a gym without knowing how to use the equipment. And what if your daily run isn’t really doing enough for your cardio issues? How can you tell?

I am Geoff Wood, and one of the best things about my personal training service is that it is personal. I take the intimidation out of your fitness training, by working closely with you to find out where you are at as regards fitness, and where you need to go. This forms part of our initial consultation. This is entirely free and lasts for 45 minutes. No pressure, just you and I talking about you and your fitness. You’ll find, like all of my clients do, that it is the perfect way to start a friendly and stress-free exercise schedule.

Your whole body health

And it is not all about toning that body either. While I love helping people get to optimum fitness, I can also offer help with physical complaints. One of the biggest problems people face these days is posture. I can help, as part of your training program, to bring you excellent and qualified advice and support on your posture. This means that you can work towards your own goals as regards back pain issues, or any other complaints caused by bad posture. This is a unique part of what I do, and shows that your overall health is something I care deeply about.

Why not get in touch to find out how I can help you transform your life. Whether it is for a complete body sculpture or just a small lifestyle tweak that needs maintaining, I can bring you the motivation and the commitment you need to ensure you get where you need to go. I look forward to hearing from you. My clients come from all over the place and are all ages, so you are bound to feel at home when we first meet up for that first 45-minute free consultation.

Do you want to get fit, manage your weight and make lifestyle changes but find the gym, training in public and slimming clubs intimidating? then why not train in the comfort of your own home at a time and pace to suit your needs.

I have used a few personal trainers over the years but not one as great as Geoff Wood. He really does motivate you and change your attitude towards eating and training.
Geoff has designed me a balanced program to achieve weight loss and to improve my physical fitness. He has guided me on aerobic activity, weight resistance and flexibility.

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